Islands of Cambodia  


Welcome to the
Cambodian Islands

Cambodia is a tropical country in South-East Asia between Thailand, Lao, Vietnam and the Bay of Thailand.

Islands large and small dot the coastline of Cambodia.  This area is known as the Bay of Thailand, though we call it the Bay of Cambodia.

Most of Cambodia's islands are lightly populated.  Some have a island bungalows for tourists.  And one island has a world class resort, that takes up the whole island.  (about the size of a football stadium, though.)

Most islands are open to tourists, though many don't have any docks to land on, and you'll need to swim or take a small landing boat to access the island.  Some are temporarily off limit, due to construction or national security.

These islands are 96% jungle and beach.  There are wild animals on the islands, though no big animals exist other than the occasional monkey...

Most of the islands are called KOH something.  the KOH, pronounced "GAW", very quickly, means "island" in the Cambodian language of Khmer.

Every day, several hundred people go on day tours of the
.  $15 gets you breakfast on land, a boat tour of 3 islands with snorkeling or fishing, lunch on an island and drinks.  $25 gets you the deluxe version on 3 story boats with restaurants and bars in them.

Come enjoy a day or more exploring Cambodia's Islands.


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